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Mo HowardAs the CEO and managing principal of Ultegra Financial Partners, Mo Howard has continued his impressive ascension in the world of finance. Relying on over a decade’s worth of experience within the financial industry, Mr. Howard has created and now leads a rapidly expanding provider of a number of financial services that include not just lending and consulting, but many others as well.

Before founding Ultegra Financial Partners and serving as CEO and managing principal, Mr. Howard worked with several different firms in the finance industry, most frequently specializing in lower-to-middle market underwriting, investment banking and commercial lending. Given this frequent specialization, it was only natural for Mr. Howard to found a company that offers these types of services while also providing clients access to some of the very best financial minds in the industry.

Mr. Howard’s path to founding and heading Ultegra Financial Partners began with his undergraduate studies at West Virginia University. While most students on the Morgantown campus would see Mr. Howard and think of Mo Howard, West Virginia Football star, classmates and professors who shared a classroom with Mr. Howard saw a dedicated student with an obvious aptitude and passion for finance. After completing his undergraduate degree, Mr. Howard remained at WVU to pursue and ultimately attain an MBA in Finance and Financial Services, a degree he earned with cum laude honors.

While Mr. Howard has noted that the idea for Ultegra Financial Partners has been in his mind since his time as an undergraduate at WVU, he decided to first set out on a course that would provide him with a greater and more intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the financial industry. His post-graduate experience began with serving in a variety of positions under the employ of BB&T, one of the largest and most well-known holdings companies in all of the United States.

During his three years working with BB&T, he was recognized for his exceptional talents and outstanding work ethic by being selected to participate in the BB&T Leadership Development Program. Upon graduating the program at the top of his class, Mr. Howard stayed on with BB&T and assumed a role in which he served as a commercial lender, credit analyst and commercial underwriter, all while managing a portfolio that experienced significant growth to $87 million.

Mr. Howard’s experience at BB&T – along with his undergraduate and graduate studies – provided him with an exceptionally solid foundation upon which to build. Mr. Howard would leave BB&T after accepting a position as vice president at US Capital Partners, a firm located in Denver, Colorado. As vice president, Mr. Howard’s many responsibilities included the oversight of every aspect of business development with a particular focus on underwriting and loan structuring.

Throughout his time working with both BB&T and US Capital Partners, Mr. Howard never lost sight of the importance of continuing education and personal development. Never one to pass on an opportunity for self-improvement, Mr. Howard holds at least 12 post-graduate certifications that include SBA Lending Certification, Commercial Lending Certification and Advanced Cash-Flow Analysis Certification, in addition to many other certifications relevant to the finance industry.

Now in his current role as the CEO and managing principal of Ultegra Financial Partners, Mr. Howard’s vast knowledge and experience has put the company in a position in which it is poised to enjoy continued success for many years to come. Mr. Howard’s efforts can be seen throughout the organization, including in its highly sophisticated web-based and client-centered platform. This allows clients to easily access the company’s many services from locations throughout the United States, enabling Ultegra Financial Partners to enjoy a reach that spans far beyond its Denver-based headquarters.

Ultegra Financial Partners’ services include both commercial and small-business lending, as well as consulting services and cost-reduction analysis. Though the company specializes in assisting small and middle-market companies seeking banking and lending solutions, its services are certainly not limited to this area of expertise. The company is also able to serve as a lender – both as a direct lender and as a co-lender – and often serves clients in need of a lead financial arranger.

Mr. Howard has worked diligently over the years to ensure that Ultegra Financial Partners employs only the best and brightest in the finance industry, thereby providing clients with the best possible services and analyses from the brightest minds in finance.

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22 thoughts on “Mo Howard West Virginia Football

  1. Does Mo Howard have an email address? I’ld like to interview him on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning about Ultegra if possible.

  2. I played football with Moe Howard while at West Virginia University! We always said, “What happens in Morgantown, stays in Morgantown.” It was an inside joke because not a whole lot happened in Morgantown. Hi Moe!

  3. If Mo Howard was back at WVU, what would he do differently? Would he have continued in his football career? I know many people who have had shortened sports careers and they often long to go back out and play. Such a high intensity and high contact sport surely has it’s draws right? Does Mo feel a constant pull back to the gridiron?

    Those are questions I’d like to know about Mo Howard.

      1. I played baseball in high school and junior college and I feel the pull today even though I’m 29. I can only imagine that Mo feels the same way.

  4. Great info about Mo Howard, I had no idea he played football at West Virginia! Ultegra Financial is a great company.

  5. Wow! It sounds like Mo Howard is achieving great things in the finance industry. He has the experience and the proven track record. That is undeniable.

    It’s remarkable that Mo founded Ultegra Financial Partners while in he was still in college, especially while playing sports and attending class. That is true dedication!

  6. Although Mo is a huge success, I’m curious about what were his struggles and downfalls. Did he have any? Or did he hit the ground running and everything he touched turned to gold? Nonetheless, this is a great read.

  7. A man this successful needs a book! Does he have one? I’d read it every day. Mr. Howard seems like someone we could all learn a thing or two from. No doubt he knows something I don’t!

  8. It’s always great to see a college athlete become successful in the public business sector after graduating. I’m sure Mr. howard’s success is due to “providing clients access to some of the very best financial minds in the industry.” Those connections can be very helpful to anyone trying to navigate the complicated world of finance.

  9. This is absolutely inspiring! So nice to see a young man like this make good and not only succeed in football, but in all of life, too. It looks like he’s giving back to the community and hasn’t forgotten his roots.

    There is no limit to a man’s potential when he puts everything into his work and does his best.


  10. Mr. Howard is quite an inspiring individual. I’m always impressed with people who rise to the top through hard work and dedication. (And, let’s face it, smarts!)

    1. Great observation Jen, without hard work and determination we are destined to fail. Almost anything can be achieved if you’re willing to work for it!

      1. One other thing that is absolutely required is integrity. You will only get so far before you’ve burned so many bridges that you’ve lost all trust and integrity. I’ve seen that Muhammad Howard has both. He had integrity at WVU and has it now at Ultegra.

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